Estonia Creates Digital Nomad Visa

On June 3, the Estonian Parliament has approved the amendments to the Aliens Act to allow the creation of a digital nomad visa, making the country one of the first countries in the world to establish such a visa.
A digital nomad visa allows internationals who are engaged in jobs independent of location and time, mostly in the field of technology, finance, or marketing, to work in Estonia.  Estonia’s Ministry of Interior also explains that this kind of visa will be granted for both short-term and long-term stay intentions.

According to the Ministry, the general conditions for issuing visas apply when issuing a digital nomad visa. The Visa Program will be implemented gradually. The first stage will be included internationals who prove that they are digital nomads, and thus are eligible to apply for a visa.

At the moment, countries that offer digital nomad visas are Germany, Costa Rica, Norway, Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Estonia. 

Nearly 1,800 persons per year could be eligible to apply for a digital nomad visa, according to preliminary estimates mentioned by the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia.


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