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Can the purchase of crypto art infringe intellectual property rights?

Given the rising popularity of NFT, it is safe to say that the once experimental trend is growing into a new type of art – crypto art. NFT means a non-fungible (non-substitutable) token (set of rules encoded in a smart contract) stored on a blockchain. Its function is to certify the uniqueness of a digital asset and prove its ownership. In other words, NFT represents a digital file that can be paintings, photos, videos, audio, and another type of files. Prices for some NFTs are shockingly high. The latest record was set at the end of 2021 when the digital artwork The Merge created by an anonymous digital artist with the nickname Pak was sold for almost $100 million on the marketplace Nifty Gateway.

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Grants for the protection of intellectual property

Last year, the European Commission in cooperation with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), launched an SME fund The Ideas Powered For Business aiming to offer financial support for the protection of intellectual property of small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU.
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To register a domain – very easy and very difficult!

When registering a new company, early registration of a domain is remarkably important, because each domain name must be unique and the domain registration sphere is run by the principle of “first come, first served“. Due to this domain names are registered by malicious persons, whose main goal is to cut profit from a possible sale of the domain name to its rightful owner.
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